About Us!

What is Wasilly?

Wasilly is more than just a website


Wasilly is more than just a blog.

I had an idea.
An idea that I should make a blog, but not just an ordinary blog
A blog that is inspirational.
A blog that is creative. 
A blog that can change peoples mind.
A blog that can hopefully make the world a better place.

I made what once was a dream into reality.
This is definitely not just an ordinary blog

This is Wasilly

Who Am I?

My Name Is Eshan. I am 15 and I am in high school. I love swimming and writing. I have a blog where I write to inspire others. I have been to many places around the world and I love photography. I act and dance and I have performed in various shows and auditions. Anyways that’s a little about me. Thank You for visiting my blog and don’t forget to subscribe.